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Zhesht Events is a promotional entity consisting of young enthusiasts with the aim of organizing metal concerts and festivals in Armenia and Georgia. We are the organizers of Highland Metalfest, Metal Attack, Persian Metal Festival, Saturnus in Armenia and other events and intend to continue bringing European and American bands and organizing high quality events in the region.

Metal Attack 2015 Tickets on Sale!

Created on 04 April 2015

Metal Attack 2015 tickets are now on sale! You can purchase them for 4000AMD each at Woodrock Pub (26 Parpetsi str.) or order online at our partner Shipping is FREE!



Unaesthetic at Tallinn Music Week

Created on 03 April 2015

Zhesht Events booked Unaesthetic to perform at Tallinn Music Festival, organized by Estonian Thrash Metal club. We are now back from Tallinn and would like to present you with a new song performed first time at Tallinn Music Week. Make sure to catch Unaesthetic's performance at Metal Attack Festival 2015 in Yerevan!

Zhesht Events at Tallinn Music Week

Created on 19 March 2015

Zhesht Events is glad to announce its presence at Tallinn Music Week, the biggest Baltic/Nordic festival together with Unaesthetic, which will will represent Armenia on 27th of March.

TMW landscape

Metal Attack 2015

Created on 02 March 2015

Zhesht Events presents Metal Attack 2015.

13 bands from 6 countries will play on 18th and 19th of April in Vitamin club, Yerevan, Armenia.

For more details visit the events page


Metal Attack 2014 Afterparty

Created on 07 December 2014


Place: Ulikhanyan club
Price: 2000 AMD, 1500 AMD with Metal Attack Festival ticket



Final confirmation: Ayas!

Created on 16 November 2014

Today's confirmation will conclude the line-up for Metal Attack 2014. Zhesht Events presents yet another band that has been silent for years, only this one goes waaay back. The legends of Armenian metal music, Ayas! The band has been around since 1987 with some intervals: They officially reformed in 2008 by playing at Metal Attack 2008 organized by Zhesht Events and it is only fitting to announce their second coming at Metal Attack 2014. By the way, if most of the heavy metal bands of the older generation got mellow throughout the years and some even entered showbiz, it is not the case with Ayas - they never compromised and today they sound heavier and harder than ever before. We wouldn't describe their sound as modern - it transcends our times and should be called the metal of the future. If there's an apocalypse, THEY would be the perfect soundtrack. Come and witness yourself.


7th confirmation - X-Machine

Created on 15 November 2014

How about some thrash metal? X-machine are currently the major force and the defenitive representatives of Thrash Metal in the Caucasus region and they will travel to Armenia to prove this to you. Consisting of experienced musicians of the Georgian metal scene, they have been spreading havoc since 2010. Now the band is at the peak of their might - expect nothing but sheer drive and adrenaline at Metal Attack 2014!


6th confirmation: Divahar

Created on 14 November 2014

Black metal divas from Armenia will take the stage at the Puppet Theater on 12th of December. This is the first time that the band will grace Armenian stage in the last 2.5 years - imagine the anticipation! During these years the band have achieved a substantial international recognition with a recent full length album (featuring a calloboration with Attila Csihar, the legendary vocalist of Mayhem), a professional video for their single "Alien" and shows outside of Armenia. What you should expect is a return of a fiercer and more mature Divahar - the black flame has been rekindled!


Annoucing the Headliner - Tacit Fury!

Created on 13 November 2014

Tacit Fury from Moscow, Russia will headline Metal Attack festival! Spawned in 2001, Tacit Fury has its roots planted in symphonic and gothic death/doom metal, but after restructuring in 2010 has switched to "in you face" blastbit filled brutal death metal. Spreading straight from the heart of Russia, this wave of Tacit Fury will reach our land on December 12th and we guarantee that this feral and relentless trio's masterfully presented death metal will make your heads bang!


4th confirmation: Hayard

Created on 12 November 2014

4th confirmation - Hayard
Formed in 2010 and with their first 2011 gig consisting solely of Dream Theater covers, the band's main goal has been the advocacy of progressive metal music in Armenia. Now, with a bunch of songs of their own, a professional promo video for their song The Sword of Damocles and the first place in ArmRock competition, Hayard are ready for Metal Attack 2014 for the pleasure of all prog metal lovers among out metalheads!


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Best Event by Zhesht

Metal Attack 2008 - 28.6%
Highland Metalfest 2008 - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2010 - 2.4%
Saturnus in Yerevan - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2012 - 4.8%
Highland Metalfest 2012 Georgia - 0%
Persian Metal Festival 2012 - 14.3%
End of World Party - 4.8%
Metal Madness Party - 0%
The Algorithm live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Igorrr live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Metal Attack 2013 - 7.1%
Metal Attack 2013 Georgia - 0%
Metal Attack 2014 - 14.3%
Metal Attack 2014 Georgia - 4.8%

Total votes: 42
The voting for this poll has ended on: 01 Aug 2016 - 00:00

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